(USED) Greco EG-500 Les Paul Type 1978 made in Japan


Greco Les Paul type EG-500 made in 1978 is in stock now. It is a model with many fans both domestically and internationally as Japan Vintage. Although it is an entry model at the time of the 70’s, the top with tiger eyes on the royal road cherry sunburst is beautiful. As shown in the photo, there is a feeling of use such as scratches and dirt paint peeling on the whole, but there is a dignity of 40 years that is not found in today’s entry model. In addition, the pickguard mounting screws are still buried in the body in two places, and they are newly installed with a slight shift. It works as a pickguard without any problems. The hollow structure of the laminated top creates a hollow feeling, and you can enjoy an airy and mellow sound. Gibson has various Les Pauls, so why not try this Greco as a variation! Also, if you are looking for Japan Vintage, please do so as soon as possible!

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